Childrens clothing size newborn – children’s 14 will be accepted.  There is a $1.00 minimum for each item.  You can price in .50 increments after the first $1.00

When typing your clothing descriptions be as specific as possible.  Is the item new or a brand name?  Whether an item of clothing runs small or large is also helpful to note.  The more information you can give the buyer the better!  We also work hard to match missing tags to lost items during the sale so this helps as well. Don’t price items for more than you would pay for them. You can use these pricing suggestions to guide you.

Before you begin tagging, we suggest you sort your items by size, gender, and type of item. Sorting makes tagging easier and much faster.

Keep in mind that outfits and sets sell better than single items. Match bottoms with a top if you can.

Please Follow These Guidelines When Tagging:

Please Note: We cannot accept tags with handwriting on them. The scanners cannot read handwriting, and the system is not set up to over-ride handwritten information.
If you make an error, simply create another tag and print it.

Each item needs to have its own unique tag with its own unique number, so that all of your items can be tracked during the sale.


Hanging Your Clothes
1. All clothes must be on wire hangers.
- ONLY wire hangers can be used ( let me know if you are having difficulty finding them)
- the hook of the hanger should point to the left, like a question mark, ?
2. Please use safety pins for your tags. NO straight pins please.
3. Hanging Pants- Use large safety pins (1 ½”)  to pin pants to the top of a wire hanger, allowing them to hang straight down. Do not fold pants over the hanger.
4. Outfits: - Hang the top piece on the hanger, flip the hanger over and pin the bottom to the top wire of the hanger.  (The outfit should be placed back to back with the fronts facing out.)








- If there are more than 2 pieces, please place the extra pieces, (hats, ties, bows, etc.), in a ziploc bag and safety pin it to the front of the hanger not the clothing.  This will avoid holes in the clothing.

Tagging Clothes
1. Use 65lb. weight or heavier cardstock. Normal weight paper is too thin and tears easily. Cardstock can be purchased at an office supply store or discount store.
2. Use white or off white cardstock only. Barcodes will not scan on darker paper.
3. Please make sure your printer is not smudging the barcodes so that our scanning equipment can read your barcode properly.
4. When printing your tags, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.
5. Pin tags to clothes with safety pins. Do not use straight pins.
6. Safety pin tags to the right side of clothing when facing the garment. See pictures below
7. You may also use a tagging gun. Be sure to place 2 barbs (squeeze the handle twice) in the label of the garment so as not to put a hole in the clothes.  If there is no label, double tag the garment in the right seam.

8. When you finish tagging and hanging clothes, please arrange them by gender and size to facilitate a smooth and speedy drop-off process.

Enter inventory and print tags

When it comes to shoes shoppers are very particular. Therefore we can only accept shoes in excellent condition.
Secure shoes together in a Ziploc bag or by using a zip-tie. Please remember not to cover the barcode with tape.

Toys, Baby Equipment, Furniture

-All furniture must be assembled at drop off.  We will not accept furniture in pieces.
- Items must be clean.
- Items requiring batteries must have working batteries or they will not be accepted. You can purchase cheap batteries at the dollar store.
- Items must be in working order.
- Make sure all pieces are included.
- Tape games and puzzle boxes with clear tape. For board puzzles, placing clear plastic wrap over the puzzle and securing with packing tape will help keep pieces in place.
- Stuffed animals will only be accepted if they are NWT (new with tags), or are interactive , for example:     Tickle Me Elmo, or Fur Real Pets, etc..
- Secure tags with transparent tape. Do NOT tape over the barcode or the scanner will not be able to read  the tag!

Please note - When you need to tape tags to items, please use clear packing tape only.  Scotch tape is not strong enough, and tags may fall off during the sale.    


Receiving Blankets: Buyers are more likely to buy several together.

Socks, Bottles, Bibs, Hair Accessories, Hats and other small items.
Try grouping 2 or more of the same items together to help them sell better. Place loose items like these in clear sealable bags and secure tag with clear  packing tape. Be careful not to cover the barcode or the scanner will not be able to read the tag!

DVDs & CDs
These should all be in their original cases. We cannot accept videos that have been burned, and those that don’t have their original case. Please tape all tags to the DVDs and CDs so that it covers the least amount of info. Make sure the description and rating are not covered. Be careful not to cover the barcode with tape or the scanner will not be able to read the tag

Books must be in good condition with all the pages and binding intact. Tape price tags to the back of the book. Keep in mind that tape can tear some covers, so you may want to place your books in a clear sealable bag and tape the price tag to the bag. Sets of books can be rubber banded together.

Please Remember:
Please use clear packing tape to secure tags on items.
Do not tape Over the barcodes as this interferes with scanning.

Items, besides shoes, packed in clear bags should be left unsealed until after inspection.

Items without tags cannot be sold. They will be placed in the Lost and Found. Any item not claimed after item pick-up will be donated to charity.


You can enter your inventory and print tags here


If you need help pricing, check out our Pricing Guide


If you need additional help with tagging, please contact us. ( Thanks!






How To Tag

Please check your items carefully!

You don’t want to bring many items to the drop off and then be sent home with half of them because there are stains, holes or the zipper does not work.

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