consigner faq

How do I register to consign?
It’s easy.  Please pick the appropriate sale you would like to join from the home page.

How much can I earn?
All consignors have the opportunity to earn up to 80%!  All consignors will earn 70% of their sales automatically.  As a volunteer, you can earn more! 

Is there a registration fee?
Yes, there is a $12 participation fee for all consignors that is taken out of the consignor check.

Is there a minimum number of items I need to bring?
Yes.  All registered consignors must bring a minimum of 35 quality items to the sale.


What is 1/2 price day?
Half price day is a great opportunity to sell some last minute items to shoppers who are looking for a great deal.  If you choose, your items will be sold on the last day at ½ the price on the tag.  If the item says “No Discount” then it is not discounted but still can be sold at full price. Otherwise it is sold for half price during designated half price times.

Do I have to pick up my unsold items?
You have the option to pick up your unsold items or you can choose to donate them to charity by tagging them as donate. Our current charity is Cornerstone Community Church. Please pick up your items or have someone help you if you have more than 30 items to pick up. Pick up is always the Sunday of the Sale between 3pm-6pm. This helps our leaving process run much smoother.  Any items left at the sale after the close of Pick Up will become property of The Got Kids? Consignment Sale. You will be responsible to find your items on the floor after we remove the donations. If we have time to sort we will but the larger the sale the less time we have to do this.

What kind of security is in place?
Our location is monitored by 24 hour surveillance.  But the best way to help prevent theft is by having volunteers on the floor so please consider becoming part of our team. We are there for 5 days and can add you anytime, even at the last minute. Please email us for more info at CLICK HERE to volunteer @Frear Park CLICK HERE to volunteer @Afrim’s

Can I track my daily sales?
Yes.  You track your daily sales through MySalesManager.

Do I need an appointment to drop off my items?
Yes.  Consignors are required to schedule a drop off appointment through MySalesManager. Otherwise you will not be part of the registered sale.

Is there a deadline to enter your items into the consignor software?  Yes. The deadline to input your items into inventory is always the Sunday before the sale at midnight .

When do consignors get paid for their sold items?
Consignor checks may be printed at pick up or are mailed within 2 weeks from the end of the sale.